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Product No. 1

Crew Pay Manager

Crew Pay Manager is a sophisticated web-based solution for managing and calculating crew pay. It integrates with a variety of Crew Management and Flight Operations systems. The web application provides visibility and control of Crew Pay costs.

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Product No. 2

Crew Analytics

Crew pay and associated variable costs typically make up around 15% of an airline’s operating costs. Airlines do not have strong operational control of these costs. Rainmaker Crew Analytics provides insights into where the money is being spent and analysing the differences between what was ‘planned’ and ‘expected’.

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Product No. 3

Operations Analytics

The Operations Analytics solution delivers on-demand access of key metrics on network punctuality, delay management, reliability and overall performance for a given day, week, month or specified time period. 

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Product No. 4

Fuel Analytics

The Fuel Performance Analytics solution delivers on-demand access of key metrics relating to fuel management and consumption. Fuel analytics provides details of Arrival Endurance, Gallons/Litres Burned Per Block Hour, Burn Variance, % of Alternates , Hold and Tankering, Dispatcher, Aircraft and Captain Benchmarking, Flight Plan overrides by dispatcher and captains, Departure and Arrival Taxing performance,  Overflight Charges

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