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At Rainmaker we work in partnership with our airline customers to address typical problems and improve cost management through our unique and innovative solutions


We visualise Crew Pay, Crew Variable Costs, Crew Productivity & Impacts of Schedule Disruptions in one simple app.


We provide a display of your operation across the entire network in terms of Punctuality, Delays and Related Impacts.


We calculate payments ensuring your crew is paid accurately and on time, as well as analyse crew cost and productivity.

Available Globally

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Ultimate Interface

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Manage your crew more efficiently...

Crew Pay Manager

  • Calculation of Crew Pay
  • Full workflow from CMS to Payroll
  • Deep Analysis of Crew Pay vs Planned Budget

Crew Analytics

  • Crew Costs (pay, hotels, transport)
  • Crew Productivity
  • Roster Disruption
  • Unplanned Absences

Ops & Fuel Analytics

  • Delay Management

  • Track punctuality across the network

  • FAA compliant delay management

  • Manage Fleet Launch, Focus Flights

  • Analyse Crew Impacts of delays

  • Analyse turn times

Crew Hotel & Travel

  • Automated booking of Hotels and Ground Transportation
  • Automated booking of Positioning Flights
  • Management of changes and cancellations
Data Sources

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